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Storm Damaged Trees - Removal of Fallen Trees

High winds and inclement weather can cause damage to trees and shrubbery and cause danger to life and property. Such occurences of damage are very difficult to predict and often must be dealt with soon after they happen. In warmer periods, soil often becomes saturated which can lead to structural weaking of tree roots and branches, the same can occur in colder periods as snow and ice can weaken the structural integrity of trees.

These effects can be mitigated but are difficult to prevent in the conditions are right, such strategies include decay inspection, the placement of support braces to prevent weaker trees from collapsing, or at least to prevent them from collapsing in a direction that will have a maximum impact on safety and property. Pruning can also be carried out to reduce the potential damage caused by a falling tree. These measures are best carried out by a professional, attempting to carry out these methods without a proper understanding could lead to a greater risk of damage to life or property in the future.

24-hour Emergency Tree Removal

Access Trees offer 24-hour Emergency Tree Surgery with the same friendly and professional service offered as usual. Contact us on 07947218004 for an emergecy callout anytime, day or night.

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